Tying the knot, jumping over the broom, there are dozens of ways you can symbolize your union, this post tries to offer up a series of options for those looking for some choices on for their own ceremony. Both some classic ones, and some less conventional options will be listed bellow

Pouring Sand into a vase

Probably the most common symbolic ceremony currently being done in traditional western ceremonies in Oregon right now is the symbolic gesture of pouring two different colors of sand into the same vase, or container. It has a classic feel, and you can keep the vase as a keepsake. More complicated versions of this sometimes include a heart container that can be sealed, or even multiple colors of sand. Sometimes if its a union of not just two people, but two families, the kids will also pour in different colors of sand.

Tying your hands together with a rope

People will use a finely braided rope, and have the officiant wrap it around both of their arms as the couple holds hands. Symbolically tying the couple to each other.

Jumping the Broom

Wikipedia suggest that this custom has somewhat uncertain origins, some saying it originated with people the welsh, who would jump over a broomstick, as in the plant, as apposed to the common household broom. but whatever the roots of this tradition may be, jumping over a common household broom has become a not entirely uncommon tradition.

Planting a Tree

A more recent trend has been to plant a plant together, often a tree, to symbolize the growing relationship, it is also an important part of this tradition to take care of the tree as it grows, to nurture it, in a symbolic symbol of both the growing relationship, and a promise to care for and nurture the relationship.